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June 27th (Mon) - July 1st (Fri) of 2016, Ilsan KINTEX, Gyeonggo-do

1. Theme: Fulfillment of the Great Commission
2. Date: June 27th – July 1st of 2016
3. Venue: KINTEX
4. Subjects of discussion: Partnerships and strategies for Great Commission, networking,
    next generation, partnership, prayer and missions.

-1. Registration
   *Registration fee:

Those participating in call2all will have to make reservations individually.

-Korean Volunteers
We are looking for Korean nationals who can assist us. Volunteers will be exempted of the registration fee. Accomodations and transportations are not provided. Please contact us at below email address for more information

Email: For inquiries please email us at call2all2016@gmail.com

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